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Information for Veterinarians


We Partner with Veterinarians to Help Pets and Families in Need


We work with veterinarians and veterinary hospitals to provide financial assistance for your clients in need.  At this time, we are limited to helping pet owners who are residents of Strafford and Rockingham counties.  Practices may be located outside these two counties as long as the pet owner meets our residency requirement.


What we do:


  • NHPA makes grants directly to the veterinarian or veterinary hospital on behalf of a qualifying pet needing urgent care. We do not make grants directly to pet owners. 

  • Grants are limited to $500 and are one-time only per family.

  • Funding is limited to urgent and emergency care for dogs and cats with a favorable prognosis. Example cases include but are not limited to:

    • Porcupine quills

    • Lacerations

    • Fractures-diagnostics or contribution to treatment

    • Heat stress

    • Simple intoxications

    • Traumas (such as HBC or dog fights) with a favorable prognosis

    • Bloat with a favorable prognosis

Examples of cases that are not eligible for funding by NHPA:

  • CKD supportive care

  • Diabetes

  • Chronic endocrinopathies such as Cushing’s or Addison’s

  • Periodontal disease/routine dental care

  • Spay/neuter

  • Breeding services 


NH Pet Aid Online Application Process:


The Application link is accessible on our How To Apply page.  Please note that we require our applicants to provide an estimate/treatment plan with their submission.  


Please encourage your clients to complete the application right away so that we can determine eligibility and disperse funds in a timely manner.  


If you have any questions or comments, contact us at and we will respond promptly.  

Donations Directly Support Urgent Pet Care

NH Pet Aid is an all volunteer organization, which means 100% of donations help animals in need of urgent care.  NH Pet Aid grants (limited to $500 per family) are paid directly to the treating veterinarian.

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