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Apply for Assistance from NH Pet Aid

Have you ever received a grant from NH Pet Aid?

By completing this application, you are expressing a need for urgent veterinary care for your cat or dog. At this time, NH Pet Aid can only serve residents of Strafford and Rockingham counties. If eligible, NHPA may be able to provide a one-time grant of up to $500.  Note that we do not reimburse for costs already paid.

NHPA funds cases with a positive outcome but does NOT fund routine care such as neutering/spaying, wellness visits, immunizations, flea/tick/heartworm medications, routine dental care and euthanasia. Nor does it fund medical care for long-term illnesses or diseases that require ongoing treatment. Please ask your veterinary practice about low-cost or free clinics.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Your application is incomplete without a photo ID, treatment plan from your veterinarian and proof of financial hardship.  Submission of your application does not guarantee funding.  If your pet's life is in immediate danger, you and your veterinarian must decide how to proceed. We will make every attempt to come to a decision as soon as possible.

We can respond more quickly if you complete this application online.  However, if you are unable to do so, print out this page, fill it out and bring it (along with the required proof of need) to your veterinarian's office.  Ask the clinic to scan and email your application, ID and estimate to: 

To print the application form, click the button in the top left corner of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST fill in all fields with an asterisk * or you will not be able to submit your application.

Do you currently receive Federal, State or Local Assistance? (Check all that apply.) Please note that we may ask for proof of financial need.

About the Pet Owner

Are you, the applicant, 18 or older?

About Your Pet

Is your pet a cat or dog
Is your pet male or female?
Do you own your pet?
Has your pet had any kind of medical intervention for ths incident, other than an exam and comfort care?
Have you received an estimate for veterinary services? An estimate/treatment plan MUST BE INCLUDED with this application
How did you hear about us?


By submitting this application, I affirm that I have read and understand the grant requirements, that it has been accurately completed in good faith, and that incomplete applications and/or the submission of false information may result in my application being denied.  I understand my submission of application does not guarantee an award of a NH Pet Aid grant. If funded, I give permission to NH Pet Aid to use photographs and/or videos of my pet and/or me for promotional and fundraising purposes.

Upload Required Documents

Upload a picture of your photo ID
Upload a document file


Upload a photo here


Upload a document file

Proof of Financial Need 

If you have an electronic document (such as a PDF or Word file) that demonstrates your need for assistance, upload that file below. If you have a printed copy, skip to the next field.

Upload a PDF or Word document


If you have a printed document that demonstrates your need for assistance, take a picture of each page and upload those pages in the blocks below. If your document is only 1 or 2 pages, just upload a picture of those pages.

Upload photo of Page 1
Upload photo of Page 2
Upload photo of Page 3

We are so sorry to hear that your pet is in need of urgent medical care. We have received your application and are in the process of reviewing it. One of our volunteers will be back in touch with a funding decision as soon as possible. - NH Pet Aid

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