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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will NH Pet Aid contribute toward a family in need of help paying for veterinary care?

  • In order to help as many people and their pets as we can, we provide a one-time contribution up to $500 per family. 


2. What pets are eligible to receive funding for treatment?       

  • Only cats and dogs are eligible. Please refer to the How To Apply page for further requirements.


3.  What areas of New Hampshire are you currently funding?

  • We are currently accepting applications from Strafford and Rockingham counties only.  Our goal is to expand to other areas of the state as funding allows.


4. Are there any special requirements about what treatments receive funding?

  • Treatments for conditions that are deemed to have a favorable outcome/prognosis are eligible to receive funding.  


5. Services that NHPA does NOT fund:

  • We do not fund basic pet care such as spaying/neutering, wellness visits, immunizations, flea/tick treatment, etc.

  • We do not fund routine dental care.  

  • Once an ailing pet receives a diagnosis, we do not fund chronic care for illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, Cushing's disease, chronic kidney disease, Addison’s disease, heart disease, epilepsy or euthanasia. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list.  Not all medical cases are cut and dry.  We will contact your veterinarian after reviewing your application for funding to determine eligibility.

  • We do not fund issues arising from breeding services including C-sections.


6. How do I apply for funding?

  • The applicant must fill out and submit the Application form on our website, which includes a vet's treatment plan/estimate, proof of residency, and reason financial assistance is requested. 


7. Who makes the decision about funding?

  • There are several board members, all volunteers, who work as a team to make decisions about funding requests. 

8.  How quickly are decisions about funding made?

  • Our volunteer board member team endeavors to make a decision about funding as quickly as possible, within a few hours of receiving the application. Once a decision has been made, we will call the applicant and veterinary practice to confirm whether or not funding has been granted and the amount granted.


9. What contributes to the cost of veterinary care?

  • Just as it is with human medical care, animal medical care costs (which can include specialists and/or specialized medications) have increased over the years. What you may remember paying for a medical procedure in the past is not the same today. Just as with humans, there have been significant advancements in technology and medications to help keep our pets happier and healthier throughout their lifetimes. Also contributing to the cost of veterinary care is that most people don’t have pet health insurance coverage (as they typically do for human medical care), and that human medical hospitals are reimbursed by the government for their Medicaid/Medicare patients, whereas animal hospitals are not reimbursed. Veterinary practices are asked about the cost of medical care on a daily basis. They are continually mindful about balancing the costs of treatment while providing the best medical care possible for clients.

10. How does NH Pet Aid receive its funding?

  • All funding is provided by generous donations from individuals, businesses and grant funders in the community. There is a Donate link on the website to make donations online. Any amount is welcome!


11. Are donations to NH Pet Aid tax deductible?

  • Yes, NH Pet Aid is a registered 501(c)(3) organization so all contributions are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Please email us if you’d like a copy of our tax determination letter:


12. How can I assist NH Pet Aid in helping animals and families in need in our community?

  • You can help by making a donation to our organization via our website or by mailing a donation to: NH Pet Aid, PO Box 34, Dover, NH 03821.

  • You can host a house party to help raise funds (we will help in any way such as having one of our board members speak about the organization at your gathering). 

  • Sign up to be alerted of future volunteer opportunities. Just click on the Support Us tab at the top of the page to go to the sign-up form.


13.  How do I contact NH Pet Aid?

  • We are an all-volunteer board of directors with no staff and no office. We don’t have any phone line for contacting us directly. The best way to reach NH Pet Aid is via email for any non-emergency communication:

Donations Directly Support Urgent Pet Care

NH Pet Aid is an all volunteer organization, which means 100% of donations help animals in need of urgent care.  NH Pet Aid grants (limited to $500 per family) are paid directly to the treating veterinarian.

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