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Funding urgent veterinary care for pet owners in need.

NH Pet Aid is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping pet owners in need pay for urgent veterinary care for their cat or dog.
We are currently accepting applications from residents of
Strafford and Rockingham counties only. 
Donate Before December 31st and Double Your Impact!

More New Hampshire pet owners are in financial need than ever before. Your support helps keep pets from being euthanized, surrendered to shelters, or suffering when their owners cannot afford the cost of the care needed to save or improve their lives.

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Your Gift Can Save a Life

Looking in a beloved pet's eyes and knowing that you can't afford to pay for their care is a heartbreaking situation no pet owner wants to face. 


Researchers with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals published a study in 2015 on the re-homing of cats and dogs in the U.S. Among the 46 percent of survey respondents who said they gave up a pet because of a pet-related issue, 26 percent said they could not afford medical care for their pet's health problems.

 Your donation can help a family keep their pet.

Who Is Eligible for Assistance?

You must be:

  • A resident of New Hampshire living in Strafford or Rockingham counties

  • Referred by your veterinarian

  • Demonstrate a financial need

Your pet must be:

  • A cat or dog

  • Have a favorable prognosis

  • Need urgent care


What We Fund

We fund urgent veterinary care for dogs and cats in situations where there's a favorable outlook for the pet's recovery.  We do not fund basic care, such as neutering/spaying, annual wellness visits, immunizations, flea/tick medications, heartworm preventative medication, routine dental care and euthanasia.  Our grants, paid directly to the veterinarian, are limited to $500 or less.

We Need Your Help!

NH Pet Aid is an all volunteer organization with no staff or office. 100% of your donation will help keep pets together with the people who love them.

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